Common Sources of Debt

Before dealing with debts, you have to identify the source so that you will be able to take control and eventually pay off your debt. It is important to know all your debt balances as well as their corresponding interest rates. Prioritize which debt you want to eliminate first by arranging them from highest interest debt to the lowest interest. Then make a debt payment scheme or plan and fully commit to it.

The first and common source of debt is the Credit card. Credit cards are very convenient to use. Most establishments accept them so payments so much easier and more convenient for many. It saves effort than carrying cash on hand. But credit cards can cause financial problems if you mishandle and overuse it especially for those owning several credit cards.

Although credit cards allow instalment basis, some may still charge interest when not paid in full. Even if you pay the minimum amount, your credit card may demand interest and implement other bank charges. If you have several credit card debts, one way is pay off debt is to pay the minimum amount and check which card has the highest interest rate. You can start paying the card with highest interest rate (priority debt) with your extra money. Once that is paid off, you can focus on the next priority debt until all your debts are cleared. Eliminating higher interest debts will help you save more money than paying them slowly and eventually you will end up paying a lot of interest in the long run.

Another common source of debt is mortgage or loans. This includes house loans, car loans, personal loans, student loans. First, find a low interest loan whose monthly payments fit your budget or your financial capacity. Try to compare loan rates and terms from multiple banks at the same and choose which one is the suitable for you. Also, it is better to check first if your income will suffice the monthly amortization. You can refinance your mortgage so you can decrease the interest rate and also modify the terms of payment. If you have extra money, apply it in the loan to diminish the principal amount thus also lessening the duration of payment terms.

Make a plan to pay debts as much as possible to lessen the interest rate and at the same time secure your financial situation. You can always seek help of a financial adviser to settle your debt. They can provide a best arrangement scheme with several options that may be helpful for you to settle your debts. Ask your adviser to explain to you which option is best suited for your current financial situation including your current source of income as well as your expenses. They may help you manage your income and your finances and at the same time pay your debts in a sustainable way. You may check this website on ways to manage your debt: In the end the best method to pay off your debt depends on you.

Pay off your expenses through LogBook Calculator and remain tension free and secure

Sometimes due to an emergency or just an extravagant spending spree, one may find himself short of cash to pay off his immediate expenses. Whether it is for a medical emergency, a lavish holiday or a wedding, cash is required for almost every aspect of life. if your monthly earnings are not sufficient to incur a necessary huge expense, the best option is to go for a short term loan. In the category of short term loans, the most popular loan option is a log book loan.

Basically, a log book loan is given against the security of your car of which you must be the legal owner. Up to 65% of the value of the car can be given as a loan provided you fulfil all the formalities and obligations. The value of the car on the date of the loan itself is decided according to its saleable value in the market depending on the year of make, model etc. Generally, any lender before giving a log book loan against the car would also want to make an inspection of the car to make sure it is in good condition and ready for sale if the debtor defaults on repayment of the loan amount.

There are several obligations attached with a log book loan. For example, you must keep documents ready to prove that the car is under your ownership as well possession. The car should also be free of any financial encumbrance. If you have taken the car on loan, the entire loan must have been paid off before giving the car as security. Moreover, a full insurance cover on the car is also an essential feature of log book loans. For full information on this loan, you can log on to logbook-calculator website.

How can you get a log book loan

Applying for a log book loan is probably the simplest way of getting a loan. There is an online application form in which you need to fill in your personal details as well as details of the documents of ownership of the car, insurance of the cat, MOT certificate etc. The processing of your application takes only a couple of days while the officials verify your documents and inspect the car for its saleable condition. If you approach log book calculator, we will also ensure your repayment capacity through your monthly earnings so that at the end of the loan period you wouldn’t have to lose your car.

During the process when the application is being processed, the officials will also determine the maximum loan amount for which you are eligible depending on the value of the car as well as the repayment instalment amount and time period for repayment. After processing of the loan application, verification of documents and other formalities, all that is left is to sign the consumer credit agreement and bill of sale. The latter is signed in case the creditor is forced sell the car if the debtor is unable to pay his debts.

Log book loans are popular because of their quick disbursal as well as flexibility given to the debtor to fix the monthly instalment amount as well as period for repayment. Overpayments are also allowed so that you have to pay the minimum possible amount as interest. Moreover, even if you want to settle the loan early, it is acceptable and is completely penalty free.

Tips to manage your loans

Managing repayment of loans can turn into a very complicated task if you have taken different kinds of loans from a number of creditors. One of the best ways in which you can get in depth knowledge on the various kinds of debt management solutions available for you and the one which is best suited for your situation, you can visit the iva plans website. Here you can get useful tips on how an IVA or Individual Voluntary Arrangement can help you in repaying your unsecured debt through equal monthly instalments. IVA is definitely an option worth considering if you are a resident of England, Northern Ireland or Wales. If you are living in Scotland, you can also check out the Protected Trust Deed as a debt management solution.

Debt management services for Glasgow

If you have been entering into a debt management program or services the first thing that you should know is the debt management is not debt settlement. The strategy of a debt management program is solely to get you out of your debt. In such a program the first step that is taken up is you will pay your debt in full, but on a lower interest rate. In some cases where the debtors are absolutely unable to pay the interests then the interest rates become as low as 1%. But, when the debtors are completing the actual amount the creditors do not punish consumers with any other bad debt reports. According to the Debt Advisory Scotland, the debt management program enables a consumer to complete the debts in a much faster way without running the credit. The following are the features that will be available in a debt management plan:

  • The interest rates are reduced to a huge extent so that the payment that is paid is applicable for the completion of the principal balance and less amount of interest.
  • As the principal amount becomes completed in full, the creditors do not punish the debtors in the name of bad debt.
  • The credit scores become improved with the monthly payments made by the debtor.

For a specialized debt management, it is not known to the consumers that which will offer the best rates in a debt management program and this is the reason the consumer sometimes runs up a huge balance on wrong cards. Thus, it is necessary to know the rates offered by each card. The earlier a consumer recognizes the benefit of the debt management program, the better it will be to pay off the substantially growing debts at higher interest. Professional debt counseling is definitely the better option in case of maintaining a good rating for credit cards and finding ways for completing their debts faster. It will be more effective if the consumers can take the help of debt management in the earlier stages of debt accumulation, because they will have the ability for transferring balances in more consumer-friendly banks.

In conclusion it can be said that the people who seek professional debt management before the burden of the debt becomes unbearable for them, it will be easier for them to take advantage of options for managing their debts in a much faster way and they will be able to avoid the programs for credit card debt relief completely.